Size A Basket Weave DIY Pocket Frame

We love tobacco baskets in decor and the Size C Basket Weave is one of our favorite projects, so we decided to create this small basket weave for our Size A frame!

Here are the steps you will need to complete this project:

  • Stain/Paint your Pocket Frame
    • Use your favorite paint or stain to finish your DIY Pocket Frame. For our sample, we used Provincial by Minwax, brushed it on using a inexpensive brush and wiped away the excess  with a cloth. Finish with BB Frosch Premium Finishing Wax for a smooth surface and a little more dimension!
  • Paint Your Rounded Square Insert
    • You can paint your insert using any method you are comfortable with, whether that is with a brush or with spray paint.
    • To match our example, paint your insert black with BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder mixed with black paint.
  • Create your Basket Weave
    • Start by faux staining your basket reed. Mix a few drops of water into a small amount of brown paint. Then, using a wet brush, brush the paint on to your piece of reed. Wipe with a cloth or paper towel so the grain shows through. Add more water if the paint is too thick.
    • While your reed dries, using a long straight edge, draw a line from the corners of the insert in towards the cut-out. This will help you line up your “X”
    • Arrange your reed piece by size. There should be 2 groups, plus 1 large piece. (Pieces may vary by up to 1/2 inch)
    • Using hot glue, affix the two longer group pieces to the back of your insert to create an “X,” using your pencil marks as guides.
    • Now with your next longest pieces, create a cross, starting with your vertical piece. Then attach the horizontal piece OVER this. Hot glue these down.
    • Place your vertical pieces evenly spaced from the middle to the outside edge of your opening on each side. These will both go OVER the horizontal piece you just placed. Glue into place
    • Now place your horizontal pieces, starting OVER the left piece, UNDER the middle piece, and OVER the right piece. Repeat for the second horizontal
    • Glue pieces into place if necessary.
  • Add the Trim Piece
    • The longest piece of reed in your kit is to create a trim piece on your rounded square. Cut down if necessary and glue into place, with the seem in the lower left.
  • Add Cotton and Greenery
    • Glue your greenery and cotton into place in the lower left. Place your insert into your frame first to be sure you are putting it in the correct corner.
  • Once your glue has dried, you can snap on your magnet lid, and display your Pocket Frame!

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