Pieced Pumpkin DIY Pocket Frame

How cute is this pieced pumpkin Pocket Frame for fall!? We created this project in two variations to show you how simple it is to tailor the project to your style and fall decor!


Here are the steps you will need to complete this project:

Stain/Paint your Pocket Frame

  • Use your favorite paint or stain to finish your DIY Pocket Frame. For our sample, we used Provincial by Minwax, brushed it on using a inexpensive brush and wiped away the excess  with a cloth. Finish with BB Frosch Premium Finishing Wax for a smooth surface and a little more dimension!

Paint/Cover your Insert

  • For the blue variation, we painted our solid insert white using BB Frosch Chalk Paint. You can choose any color of paint for this step!
  • For the white variation, we covered our insert with a piece of corrugated cardboard to add some texture and warmth. You could use any paper or material for this step. Simply, adhere your paper using double sided tape or glue.

Paint/Stain your Pumpkin Pieces

  • For both variations, we did a faux stain/color wash technique with our paint. This technique gives the paint more dimension and shows the natural grain of the wood. To create this look, use a slightly wet brush to paint on your color of choice. Using a rag, wipe away excess paint to reveal the grain. If the paint has too much coverage, add water with your brush and wipe away. If you’d like more coverage, use less water in your paint and paint another layer.
  • For the stem, you will use the same method, but with brown paint.

Make your Felt Flower (optional)

  • On the white variation, we opted to include a felt flower for a pop of color. To make your flower, begin wrapping from the outside, spiraling the felt onto itself. This forms the rose and you can glue it together at the end by securing the flap at the bottom with hot glue. You can also use a pencil or skewer to help you wrap your flower.

Assemble your Insert

  • Now that all your pieces are ready, you can begin gluing them to your insert.
  • Slide your insert into your frame insure it is the correct orientation. Then using hot glue or super glue, affix the pumpkin pieces in place. If you have a felt flower and leaf, add those with hot glue.

Now you are ready to display your DIY Pocket Frame!

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